Skip Bags

A super easy alternative to skip bins


Our skip bags are a super quick and easy alternative to conventional skip bins. Unlike skip bins, they don't require a council permit and take up far less space. They are easy to move, and if they become too heavy to carry, our custom-made trolley can help with the heavy lifting. 
Skip bags are the perfect solution for disposing of building waste, rubbish from renovations or any general waste - just fill them up in your own time and give us a call when you need them collected. We can deliver them to you at a moment's notice, and they arrive folded up, so they're easily stored until you need them! 
If you're looking to save costs, skip bags are a much cheaper alternative to skip bins, especially for DIY projects that you want to complete in your time. Get in touch with us today to arrange a delivery of skip bags to your site!

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